Soy Yogurt

I bought a new instant pot to get the Yogurt button! I found this blog post on soy yogurt and I've made several batches and I love it. Plain soy milk (no additives) is my favorite. I also made it from soaked almonds, worth trying that again. But the soy is so easy and I love the tang. Larry wanted to try an experiment with oat milk and coconut milk, but they didn't work. Maybe it was because they had additives. Anyway, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Here's how!

1 qt unsweetened soy milk
1+ T yogurt from the previous batch for each jar
(or first time use vegan yogurt starter)

Berries, roasted flax seed, grapenuts or granola
Jam or honey if you want it sweeter (I like it tart)

Pour the soy milk into 2 jars. (You can put it straight in the Instant Pot, but you'll have to transfer it to jars to cool later, so save some cleanup!) Add the starter. Mix! Put the jars in the Instant Pot and press Yogurt. I do it for 14 hours; you could do it for less (default is 8). I think it just gets better (tangier and thicker) with more time.

Come back to find beautiful thick, creamy vegan soy yogurt. Let cool, cap, and refrigerate. I love it in the morning with  fresh berries and topped with roasted flax seed and grapenuts. I don't add a sweetener, but you could mix a little honey or jam into your bowl.

Save some for the next batch! Use it within 10 days of the last batch. It seems to get better over time - firmer and tastier. I read that if it ever smells bad, begin with a vegan yogurt starter packet again.

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