Overnight Oats

My brother Jeff turned me on to this, and it's my new favorite thing! Delicious, high fiber, and lots of ways to mix it up. Oats are so good for you, as is wheat germ, berries, and nuts. This has replaced morning yogurt for us; it's healthier (more fiber, less sugar), cheaper, and super easy to make. Years ago, I also made an overnight chia pudding that we often had for breakfast and dessert. That's also really tasty, and you can add more chia to this if you like, or a little maple syrup if you want something sweeter. 


For a small pint jar (more or less; I don't measure):

1 cup oats (regular, not quick cook; sometimes I also mix in some steel cut, but those need to be quick cook)
2 T flax meal
2 T wheat germ
2 T chia

1-2 C vanilla soy milk (to fill the jar)

Optional additions for different flavoring:

2-3 tsp cocoa
1-2 T nut butter (almond, peanut)
1 scoop dehydrated strawberry powder


Fruit (always berries! sometimes bananas)


Mix together the dry ingredients in a 1 pint jar. Fill jar with soy milk and mix. Put in fridge overnight. Top with fruit and nuts. The jar will last a few days in the fridge, so no worries if you don't finish it. Sometimes I have a couple of jars going at once.

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