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Almond Citron Biscotti

We bumped into Elsa the other evening on a walk, and asked how she uses  Candied Buddha's Hand . She makes biscotti! Larry turned to me and said, "Biscotti, please." I found a recipe for vegan orange almond biscotti by Minimalist Baker  and with a few small adaptations (like adding orange juice as holycowvegan does).  I tried using all whole wheat flour the first time (plus some corn meal) and it was very good, but the whole wheat was a little overpowering for the delicate flavors. I mentioned this to my friend Judi , and she suggested adding in almond flour, oat flour, and/or tapioca flour to lighten things up (she rarely uses white flour). The recipe below is updated to add in a mix of such flours, and it was fantastic! I'll keep using the mix below, but of course you may want to experiment with other flours (or white). Oh, and one time I didn't have orange, so I used lemon, and it was great! Ingredients Wet: 1/2 cup vegan butter (or canola oil) 3/4 cup su

Candied Buddha's Hand Citron

Our friends Pat and Allen have a Buddha's Hand Tree, and offered us a chance to harvest a couple of the fruits! Pat also shared her recipe for delicious candied Buddha's citron. It's yummy as candy or in cookies -- and it makes your kitchen smell heavenly as you cook it up. Below is Pat's recipe, and photos as I tried to replicate it (I almost doubled the sugar and water, since we harvested two). Ingredients 1-2 Buddha's hand citron, washed well, and chopped (as described below) For every 2 C chopped buddha's hand (I often have 6-8 C) - 2 C water - 2 C granulated sugar Instructions Dice the citron, taking care to use only the portions that include the zest and some pith. Discard interior pith portion that has no zest. Put candy thermometer in a pan, add the diced citron and the water and sugar. Put it on medium heat and wait for it to boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Adjust the heat to a simmer and allow it to bubble slowly for somewhere near three qua