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Thai Vegetable Curry

I've made many veggie curries with Trader Joes bottled curry sauce, and they're okay, but never as good as what you get at a Thai restaurant. Once I tried to make curry with store-bought curry paste and coconut milk, but it was eh. What's the trick? Well, we went to Thailand last November and I brought back some curry packets for gifts; I decided to try one. The directions called for coconut cream (not coconut milk). We also had some fresh ginger that I had frozen (grated) in ice cube trays, so I tossed in a cube. (I didn't add the fish sauce it called for.) Boy, what a difference. It was nice and spicy and flavorful. We thought we were in a restaurant! Here's what I did. Ingredients Blue Elephant Royal Thai Yellow Curry paste (or similar) 1 can coconut cream Fresh ginger (optional) Olive oil 1/2 cup water Veggies: 1 onion, chopped 12 cups mushrooms, chopped 1 cup cabbage, chopped 3 small potatoes, chopped and nuked 4 min 1 sweet potato, chopped and n