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Grandma's Ostakaka

This is my grandma Esther's recipe for Ostakaka (Ost = cheese, kaka = cake), a custard from her Swedish family (*) and one of Dad's favorites. It's not vegan, but I'm blogging it for posterity (and I may try to make it for Dad some day.)  This recipe is similar . Another favorite dessert recipe is grandma's lemon meringue pie . 1/6/17 Update: Cliff and Kathy gave us ostakaka from Nelson Food Pride  during my trip to NE. (Nelson, like grandma!) Kathy makes it every Christmas, but it's an all day, error-prone affair, so they bought it this year. Just in time, phew! Dad loved it with jam. Not too sweet. And much easier than making it :) 12/29/20 Update: Lisa Nelson Callihan says there is a cheat way to make it!!!  Use cottage cheese instead of milk and rennet tablets. Use the 4% milkfat cottage cheese if you can find it. Ingredients 1 gallon whole milk, non-homogenized (may have to get it from a dairy) 2 T flour 1/8 t salt 1/2 C suger 3 eggs, beaten 1 cup