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Garden Smoothie

After enjoying our friend Judi's "momba" smoothies so many times, we finally bought a good (Ninja) blender so we could make our own. Dr. Gregor has some videos about research that shows you get all the benefits of the kale and berries in blended form, but that's not true for all fruits. And Larry notes that they taste better than they look :) Ingredients banana carrots (1 or 2 small/medium) kale (5-10 leaves) oranges (1 or 2, peeled) apple or pear (1, cored) almond milk (maybe a cup?) frozen berries of your choice (maybe a cup?) Instructions Put everything in a powerful blender and pulse until mixed. I tend to mix everything but the frozen berries, and then add the berries at the end. Sometimes they come out green (if I go heavy on the kale and lighter on the berries), and sometimes they come out more purple (if I go heavy on blueberries). Makes 2-3 glasses, and keeps fine in the fridge until the next day if you can't drink it all. And with

Jeff's Flavorful Favas

My brother Jeff gave me a couple bags of dried fava beans this weekend. He gets them at his local farmers market. I soaked, boiled, and then sautéed them with some garlic and pepper. It was good, but needed something. Then I remembered that Jeff made a yummy fava dish a few months ago in Nebraska. So I called him up to ask what all he put in it. "Tomatoes and onion really go well with favas," he said. I had some chard in the back yard; how about that, too? "That's great, chop it up well!" And so I did. Later: "Didn't chopping the greens change everything? I think chopping releases more flavor and improves the texture." Yes, it does! It was delicious. Next: reminder to self to try this Portugese Fava recipe  (sans chorizo or with vegan chorizo). Ingredients fava beans onion, chopped tomatoes (1 can, or a few romas) chard or kale, chopped garlic to taste olive oil cayenne pepper salt other spices to taste Instructions If using dried f

Squash Spaghetti with Meatless Meatballs

A new twist on pasta from Larry's sister Cyndy. Delicious and super healthy. Here's the recipe for 2 people; increase proportionally for 4. (Okay, way too much yellow in this photo; I'll get a better one later.) Ingredients 4 zucchini squash homemade marinara (with onion and mushroom to make it thicker) TJ's meatless meatballs Instructions Using a spiral slicer, create julienne strips of the zucchini. Be careful not to cut yourself against the blades when you're twisting near the end of the zucchini! Put the zucchini on a plate covered with a paper towel, and nuke for 3 minutes. (You may need to do a couple plates worth; nuke one plate while you're finishing the rest the zucchini.) Slice of the ends of the squash and nuke it, too. Optionally, put the nuked zucchini in a casserole dish, put a little pasta on it, and bake it in the oven for a few minutes. In a sauce pan, warm up the marinara with TJs' meatless meatballs, using about 6 meatballs fo