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Meringue Cookies

Wait, vegan meringue cookies? Aren't meringues made from whipped egg whites and sugar? Ya, that's right. And you won't believe what can be used in place of egg. Garbanzo bean liquid. What? No, really, My pal Judi mentioned this months ago when she made  vegan macarons . I pressure-cooked chickpeas last night (I love fresh hummus), and on a whim, saved the liquid in the fridge. Macarons are delicious, but a fair bit work, and I didn't have any coloring. Then I though of meringues (!) and found these  vegan meringue kisses  - and there are many others . Crazy easy to make, but you need to be around for a couple hours because they cook on super low heat. Ingredients (makes about 60 meringues) 1 cup super fine (e.g., castor) sugar 1 cup liquid from cooked or canned chickpeas, chilled 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp cream of tartar Optional: 2 ziplock sandwich bags for squeezing (rather than dolloping) 4 tsp brightly colored juice, like beet (liquidy jam might work