Jeff's Flavorful Favas

My brother Jeff gave me a couple bags of dried fava beans this weekend. He gets them at his local farmers market. I soaked, boiled, and then sautéed them with some garlic and pepper. It was good, but needed something. Then I remembered that Jeff made a yummy fava dish a few months ago in Nebraska. So I called him up to ask what all he put in it. "Tomatoes and onion really go well with favas," he said. I had some chard in the back yard; how about that, too? "That's great, chop it up well!" And so I did. Later: "Didn't chopping the greens change everything? I think chopping releases more flavor and improves the texture." Yes, it does! It was delicious.

Next: reminder to self to try this Portugese Fava recipe (sans chorizo or with vegan chorizo).

fava beans
onion, chopped
tomatoes (1 can, or a few romas)
chard or kale, chopped
garlic to taste
olive oil
cayenne pepper
other spices to taste

If using dried favas, soak them over night, rinse, bring to a boil, and simmer 45 minutes. (I leave the shell on.) Jeff says save the broth and use it in the saute; I had already drained the beans when I asked him, so I missed that.

Saute the onion in a little oil until translucent. Add tomatoes and greens, and a little fava broth or water if it needs it. Add garlic and spices and stir well. Add favas and let it all cook on low for a bit (15-20 minutes?) until all the ingredients kinda become one.

Serve over rice. Yum! And OMG healthy.

Dried fava beans

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