Garden Smoothie

After enjoying our friend Judi's "momba" smoothies so many times, we finally bought a good (Ninja) blender so we could make our own. Dr. Gregor has some videos about research that shows you get all the benefits of the kale and berries in blended form, but that's not true for all fruits. And Larry notes that they taste better than they look :)

carrots (1 or 2 small/medium)
kale (5-10 leaves)
oranges (1 or 2, peeled)
apple or pear (1, cored)
almond milk (maybe a cup?)
frozen berries of your choice (maybe a cup?)

Put everything in a powerful blender and pulse until mixed. I tend to mix everything but the frozen berries, and then add the berries at the end. Sometimes they come out green (if I go heavy on the kale and lighter on the berries), and sometimes they come out more purple (if I go heavy on blueberries).

Makes 2-3 glasses, and keeps fine in the fridge until the next day if you can't drink it all.

And with even more frozen blueberries... purple!

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