Larry's Miso Soup

Larry put Japanese miso powder on his Christmas wish list; he wanted powder since paste can go bad if you don't use it up quickly. Good thing, since we just opened the jar today, 5 months later! He made up a quick recipe using our roasted seaweed snacks, some silken tofu in the pantry, and chives from our garden. It was super fast and delicious. Serve with spinach salad and yakisoba!


1 T miso powder (we like marukome from Japan)
1-2 roasted seaweed, cut up
1/4 cup tofu, cubed
1 T chives, chopped
1.5 C hot water


Cut up tofu into cubes and toss into soup bowls. Using a scissors, cut up chives and seaweed over each bowl. Add miso powder to the bowls. 

Put water in a kettle and heat it up to boil.
Pour hot water in the bowls. Stir and serve!

Larry says that in Japan, on often eats it by slurping from the side of the bowl, stirring as you slurp. 

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