Jeff's Blueberry Pancakes

Jeff texted us (siblings) a photo of his blueberry pancake dinner. It looked delicious, so I called him for the recipe! He made it up (of course),  and says that yeast pancakes -- and these in particular -- are the best he's ever had. And they are SUPER healthy. (Yay, more spermidine from wheat germ.) So I added them to my blog so that I'll make them! Makes 12 pancakes.


1 cup whole wheat flour
4 T wheat germ, ground into flour
1.5 C soy milk
1 package yeast (quick rise, or regular active dry)
12 oz blueberries


Mix the flour and wheat germ.
Warm the soy milk in the microwave so it's lukewarm, and add 1 package yeast; mix.
Add the soy milk mixture to the dry ingredients and mix!
If the blueberries are cold, warm them slightly in the microwave (want them to be room temperature.
Fold the blueberries into the mix.

Go putter around for 20 minutes (if quick rising) or 30 minutes (if regular active yeast). Come back and heat up your griddle (make sure it's medium hot before plopping on the batter). Cook!

Serve with a little maple syrup.

Jeff says the pancakes are < 100 calories each (before syrup) - and they are SUPER healthy.

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