Mung Bean Sprout Saute

Munira's family gave us some sauteed mung bean sprouts last year, and they were such a treat; nutty and yummy. And, it turns out, pretty easy to make. I bought some mung bean seeds and a sprouting jar with 3 different sizes of lids (for different bean sizes and sprouting stages), and now make my own sprouts to saute! We've also tried broccoli sprouts, but only raw; they're not so yummy raw, so I'll try them sauteed next time.

Jar of sprouted mung beans
1 T olive oil
1 tsp cumin seeds
4 cloves garlic
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (or more if you like it hot)
1/2 tsp turmeric (optional)
salt and black pepper to taste

For mung bean sprouting:
5 T mung bean seeds (about 1/3 cup seeds); I use Todd's seeds
sprouting jar; I use Jar Seed Sprouter
cool water

Put mung bean seeds in a sprouting jar. Soak 8 hours. Rinse with cool water 2-3 times a day; swirl and drain. Always store in a tipped position in a bowl, so the water doesn't sit, but rather drips out.

The sprouts will be ready to use in 3-5 days, when they fill the jar and it looks like this. They swell about 10 times in size; it's amazing!

When they're done, rinse one last time, and use right away or put them in a container in the refrigerator (to stop the sprouting process) for up to a few days.

To saute, heat the oil in a big pan. Add cumin seeds and let them toast for 20 seconds. Add the garlic and sprouts, cayanne, tumeric. Saute for a few minutes until lightly brown. Salt and pepper to your taste. 

And you can sprout many other kinds of beans, of course! My sprout jar has different size lids for different size seeds. On the the right is a 5-lb bag of mung beans; on the left is a small mix of alfalfa, broccoli, & red clover sprouts (shown sprouting, below).

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