Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Crunch

A super easy, yummy vegan dessert. We used to make it with Grapenuts, but then Costco had some Love Crunch Dark Chocolate and Red Berries organic granola one day, and now we have another favorite topping. It's more dangerous, though, because you'll eat a few handfuls while you're preparing it! For yogurt, any vegan yogurt will do, or even make your own vegan yogurt (maybe some day I'll try that).


Fresh strawberries (or other fresh berry/mix)
Crunchy topping like Grapenuts or Love Crunch
Vegan yogurt, like Trader Joes Vanilla Cultured Coconut Milk


1. Get a pretty bowl and plop in some yogurt.
2. Cut up fresh strawberries (or other berries) on top.
3. Toss on crunch. Eat!

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